Cristina Corona de Arriaga (Balvanera)
Cristina Corona
Vital statistics
Position Secretary
Age 43
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Weight 123-160 (about)

Cristina Corona

  Cristina was born in Colima and later married Jose Angel Arriaga.They later had ther daughter Liliana and had a house in the fields.But then Arriaga head a job interview that was spoiled and got a job as Victora Balvanera's bodyguard.

They moved to an apartment in Mexico City close to the Balvanera's Mansion.She there met Paula Trejo while she was still with Anibal Balvanera.Later,she met Beatriz Guzman and let her and her son Guillermo stay at her apartment.At a celebration at Meta Imagen she was hired by Kendra Ferreti to be her secretary,she accepted and later quit after discovering a picture with her and Kendras friend sent to Arriaga.Cristina was killed by Espanto when he ran her over with his pick up truck by orders of Kendra.


Cute woman,simple,fair compexion,dark hair,born in the town.Of noble sentiments,is faithful and high moral principles,a devoted homemaker to her husband and daughter.Home,a good daughter,acomedida enjoys housework,is a great cook,something unsafe,reserved and likes to meddle in the lives of others.Depply in love with Jose Angel,who is his worship.Bewares of all women,because she sees them as rivals who want to steal her man.



Cristina and Kendra's friend posing a picture.

Jose Angel ArriagaEdit

Cristana's husband is handsome and may not lie but,Cristina has accused him of many thing when hes with Victoria Balvanera.

Victoria BalvaneraEdit

Victoria and Cristina are half-sister but Cristina finds that out moments before her death.She dislikes Victoria because shes always too close to Jose Angel.

Anibal BalvaneraEdit

Cristina thinks of Anibal as the father she never had (Anibal technicaly is her father).They get toghether reall good and Cristina fells pain when something happens to him.

Liliana ArriagaEdit

Cristina loves her daughter and her interest in Francisco Guzman but, she might get temper when Liliana is with Adriana Balvanera.

Kendra FerretiEdit

Cristina is a close friend to Kendra and tells her secrets but Kendra hates her and hides it.She tries to sabotage Arriaga and her relation ship by:

  • Inviting Arriaga to a hotel with Victoria and record the moments.
  • Having her and a friend pose a picture at the beach and late send it to Jose Angel.


Images (1)

Cristina after the hit-and-run incident.

Kendra orders Espanto to eliminate Cristina.While she crosses the road he runs her over and starts flying and falls in the middle of the street.

She later dies at the hospital suffering chest and facial inujries in front of her family.The next day she is placed in a coffin and buried in Colima.


Cristina at the hospital in "Vida en peligro"